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Fallbrook Community
If you are looking for a home in southern California with a little space between you and your neighbors, beautiful views, and a small town feel, Fallbrook is the place to start. Spread over 17 square miles of rolling green oaks, citrus and lushly landscaped homes the town of Fallbrook gives the feel of country living just a few miles from the more populated areas of San Diego County.

Weather -  The Fallbrook climate is a blend of the coastal temperate zone and the seemingly continuous sun of the inland areas.  The area remains cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter compared to the inland areas due to the coastal influence, but unlike the coast, the cloud cover burns off early and yields sun almost everyday of the year. Click on this image for current & historical weather details:

Geography - Fallbrook is located at 33˚22'18"N 117˚14'10"W

Schools -
Fallbrook Union High School
Fallbrook Union Elementary

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Fallbrook Theater

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